Saturday, August 29, 2009

Photos of Inspiration

And for the record- Grease is a great movie. If the internet worked better I would seriously post a youtube clip from Grease Lightning because it is the greatest musical number in all of history and John Travolta was an amazing dancer with a super rockin' bod before he became the fat closet case he is today. Seriously, watch it! It's super campy, the guys in it wear rolled-sleeve t-shirts,  tight rolled up jeans and hi-top Converse as all guys should, it has fabulous saturated color and is filmed great, the Pink Ladies are mean and fierce, especially Rizzo,  and with the exception of "Hopelessly Devoted to You" and a few others, the songs and dance numbers are amazing. Beauty School Drop-Out? Tell me it's not brilliant. Plus I like the message: There's nothing wrong with being a slut. In every other movie, Rizzo would have totally committed suicide at the end as a lesson to Sandy. I used to watch this movie ten times a week as a child and then of course decided it was uncool later on. How wrong I was.

Mr. Smithers! Mr. Smithers! I found another hurt shrew!

Hey guys, Sorry for lying in the last post. I have not forsaken this blog, but I get no internet connection here, and every time I try to write this post the connection peters out and it takes me like twenty minutes and then I give up, and thus I can't really post (and am afraid to look in my email inbox, which probably has 450 new messages, the majority of which are eBay saved searches.) So, I am taking a brief hiatus! Please check back after October 1st. I was going to make this an inspiration photo post, because those take little to no effort, but it's taking too long. Anyway,  when I get back into normal society I'll have a fresh take on the latest trends. Who knows what tiny hats are being perched upon the heads of people this very moment?