Saturday, September 26, 2009

Beyonce Appreciation Post/Lindsay De-appreciation Post

Hey, I'm still officially not posting, but here's a draft post I already had saved! The work was done for me! And I really am going to start posting again when I am no longer living in a national park.

Dear Beyonce,
Keep up the good work! You have been looking a little less bodacious lately (see sequined mini dress photo...but even saying "sequined mini dress" makes it okay), but all the same you are the hottest thing around. I don't know who styles you and put you in that Balenciaga robot dress, but they are doing a great job even though your hair/makeup could have been bigger for that particular look. Maybe I would even see you in concert for the glitter and showmanship involved except that I would have to sit through "If I Were a Boy."
Anyway, all but the last of these were on Go Fug Yourself as "bad" looks- and the last one was like, "Well, I guess this is awesome." Whatever! Go back to the Gap!!!!!

Dear Lindsay, I can't believe you just turned 23. You look like you have been a teenage runaway for thirty-nine years. It takes the term "meth face' to a new extreme. If you saw her standing by a truckstop Arby's- and this look/face just screams a truckstop Arby's- you'd be like, "That poor girl!" This photo, it makes me cry.