Monday, July 26, 2010

Glamour Is My Occupation

This is how I want to look this summer. I don't know if my obsession with wearing things like hot pink leopard mini skirts has to do with the fact that everyone is wearing Fashion Dockers, but whatever. The point is that this is a good look, way better than the look of Alexa Chung. We could all use a little bit of hot pink leopard print in our lives.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fashion Victims & Their Medical Supplies

The harnessed and hobbled high-fashion S&M look is so right now. Everyone loves the studding, bondage, and S&M connotations, but it has little of the homemade original punk/goth look- instead it's all about the controlled, artsy, cleaned-up designer version. Kind of like Lady Gaga (Everyone's over her, aren't they?) if Lady Gaga had no flare. It's weird because this look is supposed to be so "edgy" and dark but really it is much more Vogue magazine, and much more sanitized than your classic leather-daddy wear. Also, this look is very big in New York right now, especially with the fashion gays. People just love to be unique in the same way, you know?

Speaking of edgy, check this out!

A fashion image of image of a model wearing a leg brace and orthopedic shoes, the kind for people with one leg shorter than the other! I think this is so brave and daring of them, and so compellingly erotic at the same time. What I am wondering is: When will Raf Simons make the $8,000 version of each of these pieces???

Here is a harness by "Skingraft," because skingrafts are like totally sexy and edgy, at least in theory, right?

Let's let these photos speak for themselves.

This is designer Raf Simons. I think he's responsible for this shit. He certainly looks responsible.

In: being skinny (transgressive), being pale/white, wearing white/black, shaving the sides of your head, bowl cuts, gladiators, girls who look like models, guys who look like female models, looking lank, flash photography, neautrals, poncho capes, hoods, mesh, low cut tanktops, a twist of the early 90's hip hop, sloppy shants/harem pants. Wearing a single earring.

It's like everyone's misplacing their flamboyance, and wants to be dramatic and interesting but doesn't know how. What will these people be wearing when this look is over? I think many of them were probably "nu ravers" (remember them???) not long ago. Anyway, everyone in New York is such a fashion victim and everyone thinks they look great and also came up with their great look on their own and did not first see it in Nylon magazine or on a hundred other people!!!!

It's Not Very Cherry, It's an Oldie But a Goodie

I love old cars. Like old clothes, they are beautiful and reflect the trends of the time. Here are some of my favorites.

In the greatest song ever, Surf City, Jan and Dean joyously sing, "Got a 30's Ford Wagon and they call it a woody." I love wood paneled cars, which once were actually paneled with actual wood. You can see why people would be really into their cars and posing with them back then.

Citroens are oh so mod and space age. I love the curved backs and little taillights. Like most old cars, they seem like they have a face, as opposed to the faceless molded gray drone cars we drive today.

I also really like these late 70's-era Wagoneers with wood paneling. A precursor to 80's cars, which tend to be sporty and boxy.

For an economy model, I love the 80's era Le Cars, which you rarely see on the road these days:

It goes with your Le Bag:

What about these sneering 70's sedans and two-doors that are like twenty feet long?

1957 Ford Station Wagons:

And a 50's Buick Ad: the interior! The fins!