Wednesday, August 15, 2007

So Very Far Away

Dear Readers, I was going to post a naked picture of Prince or something to go with this post, but I'm on a Mac and don't know how to save things, so I am not going to. Anyway, I'm on vacay and can't post but I will soon. Love, your proprietor


Simone said...

you suuucckkk!

how i am supposed to keep up on the fugliness of the world?

oh wait. i just remembered, since i'm back in nyc now, all i have to do is step out the front door. guess i don't need you no more!

n said...

i agree, you suck. almost as much as the creator of k-swiss. you also suck for not answering my phone calls

M said...

dear naira, i am sorry i am a bad friend. i will be back sept 7th and i will call you first thing!

but remember, k swiss can be beautiful if you fat lace them with neon orange laces and then you wear a neon orange outfit to go with them.

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Anonymous said...

At this point, not even a naked picture of Prince would sate my hunger.

Unless he was all the way naked.