Monday, July 21, 2008


Here's some stuff I am sick of, particularly worn all at once:
1. The ubiquity of Wayfarers, obvs.
2. Denim vests/any vests layered slouchily over
3. Early 90's esque babydoll dresses, topped off with
4. A pair of Keds with no socks. I really don't hate Keds or anything, but remember how everyone hated Keds like until really recently? But now everyone loves Keds because they see other people loving Keds?
Here are some other crazy options this outfit could have gone for:
1. A neck scarf tied so that it forms an upside-down vee.
2. Doc Martens, the hot! new! shoe! I can't believe these are back considering like all my friends angrily wore combat boots in high school because everyone had a touch of goth to them, but now they fit into this grunge 90's revival thing.

If you're wondering where I got this image, it's from the blog of this twelve year old fashionista who is into music that I had not heard of until i was like 17. But that is neither here nor there.
1. The pocohontas band. Look, I can see the allure of looking like an elf princess, but this is one of those things that only works if you made it up, not if you saw someone else with a band around her head first.
2. The random graphic t-shirt tucked into the
3. Floral 90's skirt (it doesn't match! on purpose!) which goes with the
4. Leather mom bag. Hey, remember when nobody wanted purses with long straps because those were 90's but then the 90's came back and they're okay again? Well, I hate them.

Anyway, the moral of this post is: don't wear ten trends at once. It's like the accessory rule about taking one thing off.


Simone said...

...or a Dressing Sexy rule about "unbuttoning ANOTHER button" before you go out.

BARFTASTIC. I am also sick of short shorts with tops so long that they are the same length (almost, or slightly longer) than the short shorts. Also, people are seriously wearing gladiator sandals here in new york! like, for realz! shock! horror!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and totally agree with everything you just said... Keds! I mean seriously...
Have you seen the upcoming Raf Simons Dr. Martens collaboration yet???
It sucks... It sucks big time...

M said...

oh man, that raf simons collaboration has produced the fugliest shoes ever! wow! it's like a horrible mutant cross between gladiator sandals and docs:

re: the short shorts- how come it's not skanky if there are shorts underneath even though the same length of leg is showing? i guess it has to do with crotch coverage.

h said...

there is nothing more horrible than a swing pack. especially coach swing packs. why you would want your purse to repeatedly whack you on the thigh whilst being a target for handbag thieves is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

The gladiator sandal has always angered me- unless the person is going for a full-on greek/roman-o-rama look, which I haven't seen happen yet. Why would you want to anchor your calves and shoes to your feet like your sandals just cannot contain them!
If you're worried that your feet are going to try to escape, wear boots! But if you are trying to get a ridiculous tan-line (or slaughter a lion), by all means...

And now I lay the gladiator sandal to rest...until the pyramid studs get too much for me.