Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Joan Rivers Is Alright

It is shocking- simply shocking that Ms. Lauren "LC" Conrad has not only maintained her level of fame from when I made a post about hating her an entire year-ish ago, but her fame level has actually risen. MTV's The Hills really feeds into our culture's obsession both with faux-reality TV and the blandest and shallowest of female archetypes. Whereas once MTV had shows like Daria and played Hole videos, today it's a horrifying amalgamation of My Super Sweet Sixteen, Katy Perry's astoundingly weak-ass take on retro glamour, the botoxed 22-year olds of The Hills and beyond, and the occasional Hannah Montana visit. Nice outfit, LC! Real unique!

Just like your fashion line, which we can see an image of to the right. Loving that sag! It must have taken a lot of hard work to design this one.

All I have to say is, may god strike down anyone who buys anything from any celebrity fashion line, except the Joan Rivers line on QVC (For some reason, my mom got in all this Joan Rivers brand jewelery into her store, and people would look at it and then look at the box and be like, "Joan Rivers?" and I wasn't really sure if I should pretend it was a different Joan Rivers or not. It was not a different Joan Rivers.)

On the plus side, I'm enjoying the photo of Beyonce below. She is bringing it in a way it so rarely brought in today's dire media landscape. Let's have a little more of this and a little less of this, please.


Simone said...

I would just like to note that Beyonce's new song, "If I were a boy", is the worst. song. ever. she can't hold a note, the lyrics are retarded, and, not so shockingly, it's totally misogynistic. And fucking boring! Beyonce is so goddamned boring! All anyone wants to be these days is boring! It's like I've been saying for ages: The FASHION CLUB WON! That's why the hills is on. Daria and Jane are dead, long live the fashion club. FUCK.

Julia said...

simone, while i agree with you that "if i were a boy" is a really insipid song, and that her other new song - the one that goes "you shoulda put a ring on it" is a bit of a shame because of the marriage thing (though, overall it is true beyonce through and through and obviously speaks to those women who do want a ring (and really, is there anything wrong with a woman wanting that?) she has, without a doubt, MASSIVE STAYING POWER and we will still be listening to her decades from now because she will be our generation's aretha franklin. i really don't hate on her too much. in fact, i have to say that i am even a fan of her work through destiny's child and beyond. there is something true, emotionally believable, and charming about her even though she has had a couple of REAL STINKERS as far as singles go (anybody remember the bomb of duet she did with jay-z "me and my boyfriend/girlfriend"?) i think she's normal looking, even beautiful and not a terrible role model. simone, if you need a personalized beyonce mega mix, i'll be happy to provide you with one.

M said...

ohmygod, simone, "the fashion club won" should be the title of the piece for that mediated girlhood anthology i have to send in today but have not yet written.

i think simone and i both like beyonce a lot, in theory. i mean, "crazy in love" is still one of the greatest songs ever written and her prince grammys duet was the best thing ever and her tendency toward glitter jumpsuits is a winner(please see my beyonce category for more on her fabulousness) and her conceptual image is pretty much the best.

even if she's lost it a bit, still beyonce>everyone else in this post with the exception of joan rivers.