Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hel Looks: Jan and Vesa Wear Harem Pants for Their Own Reasons

Not to be xenophobic, but this, right here, is why Americans think they hate Europeans. Do these guys know they are a walking stereotype? Their names are Jan and Vesa. Jan says: "Martina Aitolehti and Heidi Montag inspire me now." As for Vesa, "Fashion doesn't inspire me at the moment. Sports and keeping fit do!" I guess Martina Aiteolehti is like a a Finnish Heidi Montag. It's curious they're proclaming that these women/subjects inspire them when clearly, what they're inspired by is this guy. What is with these fashion victims trying to take this anti-fashion tone? At least embrace it! You're just making it all the more pointless!


Arabella said...

I had to remove Hel Looks from my 'daily visit' links. It wasn't so much that my slapping hand was starting to twitch, rather the very real risk of shorting my laptop with all the morning coffee I was snorting over it.

houssan said...

Martina Aitolehti currently has this pregnancy/baby reality tv-show going on here in Finland. She used to be a model/miss Finland/something.