Sunday, November 21, 2010

RIP, Crybaby

I always thought Johnny Depp's looks would carry him through to the rest of his career, kind of like Paul Newman. But I guess not.

PS: Some assorted horrendous looks Johnny Depp has worn over the years.

God, what a nerdlinger. I guess he has been in a downworld spiral for years. It seems like that last photo is of a wax version of him, I don't know.

I definitely prefer the dandy/greaser look to the Chris Angel/Dave Navarro/90's steampunk gypsy look he currently fancies.

Remember when Johnny Depp wasn't really famous anymore and then after Pirates of the Caribbean he got a new lease on fame, kind of like Robert Downey Junior and John Travolta, even though they all make more sense in their ingenue years?


cheapchic guru said...

I still disagree a bit - I think Johnny looks gorgeous no matter what. But then... I'm a Big Fan :)

Liina said...

Preferred Depp: Grunge.

Simone said...

That one with the crotch bulge! Where he's reclining "seductively"! HAHAHAHA BRILLIANT.

Yeah Johnny Depp was real cute in Crybaby. Like how John Travolta was real cute in Grease. Really, the greaser look is just a good look for boys (and girls!). Maybe one of the best looks.