Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I'm selling some very cute vintage on ebay, ends tonight!

Sorry, I posted this on both my blogs, if anyone is reading one or the other. Speaking of which, for some reason I wrote that I had two fashion blogs on my resume and when I first moved to Brooklyn, New York I dropped off a resume at Brooklyn Industries (basically a very, very middle of the road retail chainlet who sell t-shirts with bikes and other stuff very slightly too edgy for the Gap) because I was desperate and the manager read the resume and she was like, "Two fashion blogs?" And I was like "God I am such a moron like that is going to impress someone." True story!

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Rags and Feathers Vintage said...

oh my goodness! that first dress! it will be mine!

also, I'm glad you've been blogging again (occasionally). I missed your cynical voice in your absence!