Monday, September 19, 2011

Big Ugly Shoes Won't Go Away and More Stuff That Also Won't Go Away

Maybe if you were full on glam rocking these boots, they would be cool. They need something like a skintight glitter jumpsuit to balance things out. Paired with saggy denim shorts, gauzy blouses and sheer shirts, they are just clumpy and awkward. I saw a girl recently wearing the glitter version of these ubiquitous shoes and cut-offs just like in the photo above. It was a train wreck. But it's always sad when you see girls struggling in their heels when they could be wearing Converse and looking a lot better.

And speaking of saggy cut-offs, please stop wearing them!

At least where them with an old t-shirt. But instead, people insist on this revolutionary concept they themselves invented, mixing "high" with "low" and cut-offs with heels. It's very fresh to do this, as opposed to the "too perfect, matching" look people always say they are against but no one really wears because it is out to match.

Speaking of the last photo, another trend I hate is the intentionally unlaced lace-up boots. To me, the appeal of lace-up boots is the tight, clean, laced-up look:

The crotch and boot combo is red-hot on this one!!!!

I guess this girl is twelve years old so maybe I shouldn't be criticizing her fashion choices. Again though, those American Apparel disco spandex pants are meant to be worn with a disco slut outfit, like Olivia Newton John in the last scene of Grease, not with a brown sweater and a pair of Timberlands you swiped off a hobo. Good job on the space nails, though. Speaking of which: ever since I got into space, space got really popular: space conspiracy?????

Perhaps the trend I hated most this summer was the insanely low cut arm hole, especially on a dude:

To me, this is the last thing to highlight on anyone, and Jared Leto must be well into his 50s by now. He is posing with some evil developer here who helped destroy New York, making Jared's shirt bitterly ironic. He's also wearing one glove omg what a douche.


Em said...

I'm a fan of big clunky shoes, but more in the form of something like this:

I also felt like the space thing became really trendy as soon as I got into it. But, I've noticed that happen with several small trends over the years, which makes me think I'm a lot less original than I think I am, or I'm just a really good ~*trend spotter*~.

cupcakeinheels said...

One time, right about a year ago, i wrote a paper on ankle boots/ugly shoes.
i titled the paper "fashion sheep".
because people are wearing these hideous things without thinking what they're doing -- following the trends of magazines and celebrities and people on the street mindlessly.
it's a sad day for shoes, and fashion in general.

Anonymous said...

how much hate in you! please, find some help! poor, lost person!!!

Mary said...

dear anonymous, you're so reactionary.

Imogen said...

I agree with you whole-heartedly with the exception of the denim cut-offs.

I just started following your blog. It's great :)

Sister Wolf said...