Saturday, July 14, 2012

Trend Report 2012

Maximum Saturation Point
Jean cut-off short shorts
Dyed hair but dyed pastel
Those prints that are like digital but symmetrical on both sides
Poly chiffon
Buttoning your shirt all the way up

Looking Ahead
The cyber 90's
Square toed shoes (ugh!)
Been saying it for years: Oakleys

Been Popular for like 6 Years
Bowler Hats

Tried to Make Comeback But No One Wants
John Lennon glasses


houssan said...

Lennon glasses are trending with crust punks. At least here in Finland. :- )

emily said...

Oakley's have to come back, I think. It seems like in both fashion and music, whatever was unhip 15-20 years ago is hip now. In a few years maybe we'll be wearing oakleys and bucket hats and listening to music that sounds like Smash Mouth. It's a shame that the best parts of the fashion of a particular era never seem to come back as strong.

Fashion Allure said...

Yes,I agree with emily's idea.Maybe she is right.