Friday, September 14, 2007

Smiling Through Her Pain

"Does it get more perfect?" asks the Sartorialist of the look on the left. He may as well has asked "Could she be any more tall and thin?" Is there any way this woman would have been photographed if she was half a foot shorter and weighed twenty pounds more? I don't think so. I mean, I can't see it happening with this outfit, but even if she was dressed well, women not shaped like models rarely seem to make it onto his blog. (I mean there was this fatty, who managed to "control her curves" by wearing all black.)

The "dress" looks like the smock you put on at a fancy salon so hair won't get allover your clothes. It makes her whole body look impossibly boxy and wide, with her little legs poking out like toothpicks. Plus the bag is bulky and dull, and much more suited to a heavier, winter look than a shift dress. (Though this looks less like a shift than it does the dress shirt of a giant.)

I know I've discussed the Sartorialist before, and I do think his blog is elegantly laid out, with excellent photos and fabulous menswear, but the women he chooses to photograph bother me. They all seem to be the same "I shop at Barneys and don't eat or wear non-muted colors" types, which I personally don't find too inspirational. At least a lot of the comments on the blog indicated not everyone was too thrilled with this look.

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Simone said...

she looks like an overgrown child who raided her father's closet. Terrible.