Saturday, September 15, 2007

Whoa Oh Oh, Good-bye Seventies!*

Sometimes I think people who don't like vintage don't like it because they go into vintage stores and just see a bunch of mustard polyester. The truth is, there's ugly vintage too- it's not as if everything made thirty years ago is automatically cute.

Most of Marc Jacobs' collection seemed based on this type of vintage, the kind that isn't really quite cute enough to be interesting. Whereas he used to be inspired by interesting vintage (40's puff sleeved blouses, 60's Peter Max-esque psychedelic prints, 70's granny dresses) today he just seems to imitate whatever dull, boxy 70's piece fell within his line of sight. That, or add some large buttons or oversized zippers to something.

The spring 08 collection is rife with such pieces. There were a few cute looks, also pretty much rip-offs of dresses from the early 70's (but at least less ugly ones) but the majority was like the stuff above- totally lacking in what I might call "pizazz". Ooooh, he stuck some different fabric on it! He added an extra row of buttons! The hemline is asymmetrical! Besides, Chloe already did an ugly patchworky early 70's rip off collection in the same muddy colors.

What I want to know is, why are designers copying looks that we can find at vintage stores- almost any vintage store? In fact, I found plenty of similar stuff on eBay in about five minutes- (go here, or here or here or here) most of which is much cuter than whatever foul mustard box with random faux 70's fabric attached to it Marc Jacobs is trying to put you in this spring.

*"Props" to those who get the reference made in this title!

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