Thursday, April 3, 2008

How I Wish I Was a Victorian Orphan

While regular vintage clothes are all well and good, there is a special place in my heart reserved for vintage children's clothes. No, not because they’re all wee and stuff and make me wish I had a baby to force into bonnets and pantaloons (as we all know, my official stance on this is "whatever"- though if I did have a kid I probably would force it to wear a tiny Victorian suit), but because I really wish they were my size. I have bought the occasional fat children’s dress on with mixed results- but I’m always hoping to find some dress overlooked because it was made for a twelve year old that I can squeeze into. Also, once I forgot to bid on this 50's girl's skirt with a Bambi print and I'm still upset even though it would have perished in the fire like all my worldly goods.

Anyway, vintage children’s clothes are amazing because they have the charm, fit, and quality of vintage but often with a little dash of crazy thrown in. Super-adorable novelty prints and details like big buttons or embroidered collars abound on vintage children’s clothing. PS: For more, check my flickr!
Wow, I can see Pippi Longstocking in these, which are probably pre-1920's.
I know this kind of looks like something a hipster would wear today, but it's a 1950's boy's shirt.
Chloe seriously ripped these off. Look how high they are in back! What design!

Though this appears to be a charming-enough Victorian little girl's dress, take a look at the close up:

That's right, it has skeleton keys all over it. Ohmygod I want to wear this dress, and probably deserve to, but it is unfortunately made for a child. It's just the gothest, most Secret Garden-y dress ever.

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