Thursday, March 27, 2008

Another Page from the Onesie Files

Oh man, this is one ugly and ill-fitting onesie. Actually, I can't believe this is Mary Kate. The straight beige hair, the black just seems so Ashley. I'd expect this of her, but it just seems so depressingly lank for MK. Well, whatever.

The point is, it's really ugly. The top half, with its huge 80's cut and boxy sleeves, make her look like she has a very large and droopy bosom, and the pleated bottoms aren't doing her any favors either. We all know it's hard to make someone of her stature look this large and top heavy, so we know this onesie is doing an impressive job.

I guess she thought that hot pink belt was really going to cinch it altogether, but it just furthers that whole "Florida retiree wears her sassy black silk onesie out on the town" vibe that's going on here.

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cupcakeinheels said...

You are awesome. I love your blog. I'm so happy someone FINALLY thinks the way I do.