Monday, August 16, 2010

Ugly Urban: Making Sweatshirts Matter

Urban Outfitters is collaborating with a fresh batch of designers- designers with names like Wood Wood. Speaking of Wood Wood, let's see what Wood Wood has to offer!

I like this model because her face seems to be saying it all, and there isn't much more to say than "Damn, this is ugly."

This is by "Stolen Girlfriends Club" which is kind of like the name of a Beat Happening song, except Beat Happening would have rejected the corporate machine that produced this sweatshirt, preferring instead a baby tee with a sharpie cat on it worn by an underage girl. Says Urban Outfitters: The rules of New Zealand's Stolen Girlfriends Club: a youthful rebellious spirit, a healthy sense of humor and the ability to entertain and make things matter. Talk about meaningless drivel! Here they are making a gray sweatshirt with fringe matter, and all for the low low price of $234. It is really in the style of the 80's/Jerri Blank fringed shirt, already mentioned here.

This is called a Yeti bolero because it is reminiscent of the famed snow monster. This dynamic piece, $234, is paired with saggy high waisted pants. Everyone is wearing the short shorts version of these pants this summer, making it the summer of the saggy ass.

It's pretty hard to imagine someone paying $200 for this. It seems like an insult to people in war-torn countries who wear stuff like this because they have no choice.

Too bad I can't manage to paste in the back view of these Shakuhachi Cold as Ice Sweat Pants, which are $248, because it's a doozy. Why are young people today doing this to themselves?! Those band-aid colored shoes aren't doing this look any favors, either.

Here's another gem by Wood Wood, a "pullover sweatshirt...topped with a ghostly graphic at the front." I love when the fronts of things are topped with stuff, especially when the ghostly graphic is a leaf with eyes on it. Am I missing something here? Something this sweatshirt is topped with seems off....but what?


Simone said...

Those are truly garbage pants.

I was looking at the latest issue of Elle magazine, and do you know what's the next big thing? high heeled (chunky!) loafers. Yes, everyone is going to be dressed like Cher, Dione, and Tai pretty soon. Hahhahaa! also tommy hilfigger is making a high-heeled duck boot - you know those ones that are rubber on the bottom? yes, with a spike heel.

Anonymous said...

that "ghost" sweatshirt looks like something a canadian neo-nazi would wear.
at least if you got something from a thrift shop and cut it up it would be your OWN - can you imagine if you hobbled into a room and somebody else was wearing that green hole shirt? quelle embarrassment.

Nickey Robo said...

I think I could imagine that yeti bolero being awesome if it was, like, made of sparkly red and worn with a big beehive. But making it greige is just so depressing! Vom.

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