Sunday, September 5, 2010

Inspiration: 60's Kids

How come yuppie/Park Slope kinda parents always dress their children, who are named Noah or Wyatt, in crocs and cargo shorts? Do kids demand crocs by name? These kids look like total slobs! How about dressing kids, as well as yourself, more like a child or tween from the 1960's? Peg legged pants, converse high tops or Keds, simple windbreakers or striped t-shirts, this is a look anyone can and should have.

This kid looks awesome, check out the old school Pepsi bottle matching his t-shirt. Speaking of which, the simplicity of the 80's Coke/Pepsi logos was so cool. Now everything has a pumped up, airburshed look. If you think my love of old crap doesn't extend to the old soda logos, think again. In San Francisco, we don't have bodegas, we have corner stores, which always had signs with the old soda logos on them. Maybe I will do a post about it someday on Little San Francisco, that blog I never update about San Francisco no one reads!

Peg legged pants, Keds, and a t-shirt. And a bouffant!

This is more 70's, but whatever.

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Anonymous said...

I think children should be dressed traditionally.