Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ugly Urban: The Blog Went Away, but It Didn't

I have working internet again, in case anyone wants to come back to read this blog! Tell your friends. Sorry I haven't posted in forever.
Jeez Louise! Are people going to buy these? Based on my brand and trend knowledge, I'm going to guess no.

Truly, each of these t-shirts is uglier than the next. I guess people aren't interested in the tight tee, everyone wants it big and sloppy and covered with a hideous "native" or the same slogan that was on your lime green baby tee from 2004.

I know I've criticized the ugliness of this shirt before, but I also haven't updated this blog in a long time. What about this isn't ugly, I ask?

This is the kind of pouchy overall front I've been dreaming Urban would renew for their Urban Renewal line. Coincidentally, urban renewal is the name used to wipe out old, "blighted" neighborhoods and replace them with horrible modern government-issued buildings and kick out all the low-income people who previously lived there. Kind of like how Urban Outfitters is a huge monolithic company whose designs mimic those of secondhand clothes and has taken over a huge market of youth who think they are being edgy.

This look is soooo pretty. I would definitely wear this skirt with the tie-dyed tee, but I'd throw in those chunky slingback oxfords from the top of this post, too.

BTW, there are other reasons not to shop at Urban Outiftters besides the staggering ugliness and mass production of their cheaply made clothes; they steal designs from small artists and the CEO is a conservative Rebublican who contributes to gay-hater/right-wing senator Rick Santorum.


Simone said...


Yes, the ceo of urban outfitters/anthropologie is a huge homophobe. Also, and this is something I've said many times: urban outfitters has never carried anything for women larger than, like, a size 10 or so. i was a size 10 by middle school and i couldn't fit into most of their stuff - at the time in my life when i really wanted to get shit from there. so, they are also body fascists, as well as cultural fascists. fuck urban outfitters.

Em said...

I've shopped at UO off and on over the last few years, and every time I buy something, I'm eventually disappointed with the crap quality and say I'll never shop there again. The last time I bought something there was earlier this year, and I think this time I'm definitely done with them. Not only am I always disappointed with the quality, but I feel like an asshole for buying from them anyway, for the reasons you listed.

I'm so glad this blog is back!

Anonymous said...

These tshirts are gorgeous!
Lovely blog. Id like to see more from u, keep it up!

Gaby said...

I love when people commenting on your blog just look at the pictures and assume you're praising the stuff featured in them. What are their lives like, these commentators, that they have all the time to find new blogs, but none of the time to read a single word written on them? "Funny"

andrea said...

Yes!!! I'm so glad you're bringing these posts back!

ginger said...

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