Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Patricia Michaels

I was sad Patricia Michaels didn't win Project Runway this season. I watch PR because I love the creative process- selecting the materials, constructing, and watching it all come together. Of course, a lot of people end up constructing garments that look like they could be hanging in Zara, but still, you know, talent and craft.

Patricia is an extremely talented textile artist and she made most of her own fabrics, or modified them dramatically. She is Native American and considers her work part of her heritage, though she communicated this primarily with her work (and was definitely one of the nicest, best-adjusted contestants on the show.) It was very touching when she gave her speech on the finale, partially in her native language. 

I can see why she didn't win; her work was less commercially viable and some of it was a little artsy/off-trend. Plus Nina hated her. However, Patricia was responsible for so many amazing, fashion-forward looks that she actually created out of her own hands. Her clothing was unique and exciting.

And lastly, she was not boxed in by trends. As it was often stated on the show, Patricia's inspiration came from her, not anyone else. 

All the paillettes on this dress...she made them out of mica, hammered them and everything!!! The headpiece is dyed horsehair. The way it bobbed down the runway was really captivating.

Hand-painted leather jacket.

Her avant-garde look for a challenge.

Handmade eagle feather scarf.

Anyway, best of luck to Patricia. I see no way she can't have won a zillion fans and potential customers through the show. The fashion world could use more designers like her.

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