Monday, March 5, 2007

More Drains on Society

This post is about two things I previously tried to avoid, but, when talking about trends, have proved to be sadly inevitable: Cory Kennedy and overalls. Here's Cory Kennedy, LA scenester/internet/twelve year old/celebrity, posing with some other be-overalled ingenue type on a typically lovely Los Angeles street. Cory Kennedy has come to epitomize the "It's so ugly it's cool" look popularized by hipsters, subscribers to Vice magazine, MisShapes attendees, yet still regularly worn by streetwalkers, old people, and Midwestern housewives who just have bad taste and are wearing out-of-date and unflattering clothing- of course, it only depends on whose wearing it, because part of the look is to be making fun of it and pointing out how cool and better you are than the homeless person over there who is wearing the same thing- but anyway!

The point is, Cory Kennedy is wearing a white onesie, accessorized with a belt, a ringer tee, and some long gold chains. I needn't say more.

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