Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Trends Done Right

Here I am presenting a new section, tentatively titled "Trends Done Right," even though that sounds kind of bad. These three babydoll style tops were found, shockingly enough, on I remember Alloy as the junior catalogue from my youth that was full of subversive "alternative" looks, like camo print pants that had legs so wide three people could have probably fit into them. Now it's been bought by some huge corporation, and has puzzling category names like "Diva" and "Flirt" and "Life" besides just clothes. And it actually has some cute stuff, and seems to be a mix of Forever 21 style tops and more sophisticated, well-designed stuff than you usually see on the junior market. (Of course, they could all look like crap in person, but whatever.)

Anyway, the three tops above all have elements of the babydoll look, but manage to reign it in in a way that this top, for instance, does not. The blue one on the far left is my favorite, combining a sort of military/40's thing with the the current empire waist and dolly look. The middle one is reminiscent of the tent shape, but because it's not voluminous, it has a nice, crisp look to it- plus the hot pink makes for an unexpected jolt of color in a season where everybody is supposed to be wearing mustard. The last top could be really sacky on, but based on the photo, the proportions are in control and it still looks like it has a definite shape. Plus the floral detail and piping around the collar make it unique and vintagey, which is always a plus.

In conclusion, the straight-up babydoll look is not for everyone, but elements of it can certainly be taken and still remaining flattering to the body and cute whether or not they fit into a certain trend. All three of these could even probably dressed up for work or something equally classy, and of course would look cute with skinny jeans. Just don't pair them with pleated shorts, or the dreaded "long skirt" that the fashion world appears to be now pushing on us.

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Gaby + Simone said...

long skirts are in? For some reason, I thought we were all supposed to be wearing ultra-mini skirts, a-la miuccia prada. i guess i'm just behind (or maybe just light years ahead) of the times.