Wednesday, December 19, 2007

$500 Old Tee shirts Tie-dyed in a Bucket Soon to Follow!

I'm sorry I haven't posted much lately, but you, as one of my five to six readers, should probably not bother checking back until the new year. However, I am posting about something that needs commenting, and that is the hot, hot new accessories line Lanyard, the necklaces of which are shown above.
Simone mentioned these to me, and then I read about them in Bazaar. That's right, Bazaar! Bazaar was like, "Neon is so in! Get the look before anybody with the necklaces by Lanyard. Most under $200." First of all, it's called Lanyard. It's like someone making accessories out of literal shit and calling the line "Excrement." Secondly, most are under $200? That means people are paying $200 to wear a nylon lanyard around their neck. The same nylon lanyards that cost like .25 a yard and you wear to camp. Of course, these are artfully tied into knots, and we all know how hard it is to tie a knot. Normally I'd say that you could just make one at home, but why would you want to? You could also link together rubber bands and wear them around your neck, or piece together promotional polo shirts from tech companies and make them into a dress. We could all do a lot of things.

Of course the "designer" is some Williamsburg-based "art student" who I'm sure is totally lacking in money and connections, but makes up for all that with his stunning talent.


Simone said...

i'm thinking about stringing together my cat's used chew toys and hanging them around my neck. very avant-garde, no?

Simone said...

PS I'm sure people are ALREADY paying 500 bucks for tie dyed "vintage" tshirts at, like, Opening Ceremony or something.

Anonymous said...

i sold my "no fear" shirt from 5th grade to a botique for $170.


CresceNet said...

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Simone said...

UP-DATE! UP-DATE! I demand an update!