Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More 70's Stuff Simone Doesn't Approve Of

Unfortunately I just lost out on these 70's shoes on eBay, and I'm very upset. I have been waiting to bid on them all day. I have to say this "bid sniping" thing is totally unfair. What does anyone else even want with them? They're bizarre! I hate when you are thinking you'll win something on eBay and dreaming about the shoes on your feet and in the last four seconds they are stolen away.

I know they're not going to be liked by certain people mentioned in the title of this post but I was really into these shoes the way I was into that 70's onesie. Maybe even in a more wearable sense, like especially with textured tights. They turn up at the ends in a slightly elfin way and have that classic wooden donut hole heel- it's funny how the 70's was a time when people were so preoccupied with a kind of clunky, psychedelic earthiness displayed quite well in these. Unfortunately they're probably now going to be resold by someone who doesn't even like them.


Marianne said...

Hmmm, love those. My thoughts on the bid-sniping thing are if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. I snipe away now, guilt-free.

Simone said...

It's really too bad old mother hubbard swooped in on those at the last second. my condolences.

Liina said...

those are bitchin', I'm sorry you missed 'em!

M said...

burn, simone!!!

marianne, did you sign up for a service/pay a fee? i'm thinking of giving in.

ohmygod i'm even sadder about them now.

Gaycondo said...

yeah... that sucks. Those are totally hot and somehow not "cloggish" at all. I'm kind of loving the this whole new hippie vermont thing. I love neutrals!