Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pixar: #1 on My Enemies List

I'm really having trouble getting it together lately to write a post. It's hard to discuss clothes that I'm wearing since most of them burned, and I don't have time in the mornings to dress up really because of my (temporary) office job. The clothes on the Urban Outfitters website are so completely boring I can't even muster up a post about how ugly they are. (Though their innovative new look, with the American Apparel/Terry Richardson style seedy photos with flash, must really be taking the catalogue world by storm. It's like, if you're going to attach yourself to a trend so late in the game, shouldn't you just stick with your original look because it's probably going to appear newer eventually?)

And what's new on the gossip front? NOTHING. There's only so many times you can hear that Britney is/isn't getting help and Amy Winehouse's face is falling off and did you know everyone is just mad for those British female musicians? They're just so ballsy and cute and irreverent! Have you heard? Have I mentioned how cute they are? Because they are just so cute, which is probably the most important part of making good music. Except Amy Winehouse, but we all know she has soul.

So I just thought I'd post about things I hate. My mother has always had very strong likes and dislikes, and because of this I grew up thinking that certain things were just unacceptable. Stand up comedians, for instance. She hates those. Also clowns. Not in a pez way, but clowns really are awful. Actually, she hates circuses in general. She also thinks Ken Burns is a "fruit."

1. Pixar films. For some reason, people my age are always talking about how they loved The Incredibles or whatever. I hate these movies because they're always full of pop culture reference and have this horrendous "fun for the whole family" concept that mom and dad (I also hate when people refer to other people's parents as "Mom" or "Dad" as in, "What does Mom think?") are also supposed to enjoy because it's all so hip and zany.

But why I hate them the most is that computer animation is ugly and soulless. Everything looks plastic and overly smooth, like it's been airbrushed fifty times. All the kids look like little big-eyed moppets with spiky hair. Everything is too animated, too bouncy, like it was made out of rubber. Besides that, there is an obsession with making everything look real and 3-D and perfectly shaded- as evidenced in the two photos above. You can tell the "artists" are really obsessed with what computers can do, but mostly what computers can do is ugly.

By contrast, below are some old animated Disney film stills (Cinderella, Snow White, and Alice in Wonderland), which have an attention to detail without making everything shiny and obvious, and use contrast to draw attention to things instead of shoving the overall bouncy glossiness of CGI in your face.

I was going to make #2 Best Buy, but whatever. I don't need to explain why I hate Best Buy.


Simone said...

CGI animation makes The Little Mermaid look like the ceiling of the fucking Sistine Chapel, man.

and that's what i have to say about that, man.

M said...

fucking a, dude. fucking a. i mean, that's why i saw alladin in the theater (the theater being tanforan, actually) like four times when it came out. that and i guess i really loved alladin.