Wednesday, May 7, 2008

MIA Pog to be Included with Every Purchase

Oh no, an MIA clothing line! (And by clothing, they mean "t-shirts.") I don't know if this is an official image or what, but what I'm really wondering is if that oversized watermelon tie-dye t-shirt worn with pink leggings will be available, as I would pay up to hundreds of dollars for that particular look for sure. I know I've said this before, but- I understand that the early 90's had to come back at some point, but did it have to be the exact early 90's clothing I wore to camp at age nine? At least when I wore terry cloth t-shirts and ball chain necklaces I was doing so more out of my own agency. This kind of clothing is like stuff from Ross your parents shoved you in because stretch pants and large colorful shirts could mix and match for the growing girl.

By the way, you know who MIA has been BFF with for like ever? Famous fashion designer Luella Bartley! She, like, used to be roommates with her in Notting Hill or something. I'm just pointing this out because everyone has famous friends and that's how they get famous in the first place, usually. That and their "rawness", in MIA's case.


Simone said...

In MIA's case, a lot of her mythos has to do with her dad (supposedly) being a Tamil Tiger in Sri Lanka back in the day. However, it's pretty clear now that she probably came from a pretty wealthy family who immigrated to Britain and thusly she was able to room with Luella Bartley. In Notting Hill. In London. It's just like, I wish all these successful "artists" would just own up to the fact that the only reason they are able to BE "artists" or whatever is because they are wealthy, or come from money, or whatever. There's this whole world of Horatio Alger bullshit that we're supposed to swallow, when in fact it's like, if she was growing up on the mean streets, i really doubt she would have the education/agency to rap about, you know, bombings or whatever "socially concious" shit she raps about. or sings. or whatever the hells she's doing.

And from an aesthetic point of view: ugh. just, good lord. it's like 1991 threw up on itself. Did you see her outfit at coachella? it was, like, made with reflective tape.

M said...

she rap-sings, really. everyone's doing it!

anyway, i know. everyone's really enchanted with her non-whiteness and her "revolutionary" background but i guarantee you no one knows who likes her knows anything about politics in sri lanka anyway. (including horrible "new yorker" music critic, sascha frere jones.)

Julia said...

ugh. SFJ is the worst... sometimes i read his columns and i wonder where the new yorker scraped him up from. i know he was in some "band" that had some kind of "indie" "credibility" but really, what does this mean? at one time last year, i swear, he dropped so many references to the brooklyn vegan blog that i thought they were either paying him, or that this is really where he was getting his music scoops from. oh well. yawn.

M said...

i know, sascha frere jones is such a lamoid. i thought he was a woman until really recently, and after looking up pictures on google image search i think i hate him far more.

anyway, he wrote that mia was "the sound of revolution." but he probably spends his time listening to death cab for cutie in a vegan collective in brooklyn, so i'm sure it doesn't take much to blow his mind.

Anonymous said...

I love that watermelon t-shirt too. Do you by chance know where to get it?