Thursday, May 8, 2008

Road Trip Pics

Here's some photos from the road trip! These are from our second day, driving though Arizona. I'd never been through the Southwest before, and driving through the desert was really beautiful and different from the rolling hills and dark redwoody forests I'm used to seeing in "the country", aka Marin County, CA. The desert is so vast and quiet.

Here is Simone in the desert in Arizona. I like the way her hair is blowing in her face. It looks scary.

Dan's shirt matches the desert. No pictures of me because I'm wearing boots with a sundress because the weather was colder than anticipated, and I don't want to project the wrong image, you know?
Trees or bushes or cacti or something.

One of many signs for "Indian Trading Post" type things that abound in the Southwest.
PS: Simone and I have vague plans to make a movie of the road trip with the footage of from her digital camera and "Fortunate Son" in the background.

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Simone said...

we are TOTALLY making that movie. and i am going to upload more photos to flickr really, really soon.