Thursday, February 19, 2009

Inspiration: Museum Vintage

Here are a few of my favorites from The Met Costume Institute website.

Jerkin, ca. 1580
Brown silk voided velvet trimmed with metallic bobbin lace

Corset, late 1760s
Silk, linen, leather, wood, baleen
(Baleen! Cool!)

Robe de style, 1924–25
Jeanne Lanvin (French, 1867–1946)
Ivory and black silk taffeta trimmed with pink and black silk velvet rosettes

Coat, ca. 1919
Paul Poiret (French, 1879–1944)
Black silk and wool blend with white leather appliqués and white fur trim

Evening dress, ca. 1884–86
American or European

Pagode: Costumes Parisiennes, 1914
Étienne Drian (French, 1885–1961)

Ensemble, late 19th–early 20th century
Cotton, silk, wool

That last one is my favorite, I think.


Simone said...

A lot of corsetry from Victorian times and before was made from whale bones and baleen and such. Busks (the flat things that were stuck in the front of a corset to make your front all flat and compressed) were sometimes made with ivory and I think it was, like, a romantical thing to have someone carve stuff on your busks? i could be making that one up. I wrote a paper on the history of male corestry when i took a history of fashion class at smith my second year of college.

also: Those victorians sure loved them a nice badonka-donk, didn't they? whenever i see a bustle like that, that's all i can think of.

my favorite is the dress from 1925. so pretty!

M said...

i know whalebone was common (i assume that's why they still call it boning. haha.) but i didn't know they used baleen, too. neat! and yes, the victorians sure loved their asses. how do you sit down in something like that?

Jon said...

Oh my god! This is amazing... I have now officially found a new favorite way to waste time...
I posted some of my favorites at Gaycondo, though they are more modern than yours I think you will still enjoy them...