Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cyndi Lauper Is Great

Sorry I haven't written a real post in a long time, but I'm moving and probably my next post will just be more eBay auctions. But, whilst watching the Girls Just Want to Have Fun video yesterday, I was overcome with a strong sense of love for Cyndi Lauper, and felt the urge to proclaim my love in this blog.

She's So Unusual is perhaps the #1 album I would suggest as a gift for young girls, not just because of Cyndi's amazing huge orange hair with a vintage dress with ten belts over it DIY fashion sense, or her sassy exuberance, but also because it's really great, including such songs as the aforementioned Girls, but also Yeah Yeah, I'll Kiss You, and She-Bop (a song about the universality of masturbation!) Of course, Time After Time always gets you where it hurts as well. Because of her image, I think people forget that Cyndi was also a great artist responsible for more than a few nearly-flawless pop songs.

Anyway, Cyndi Lauper is empowering in a fun, creative, weird, punk-rock-but-not-aggressive, good-time type of way, and of course she has since proven herself with her gay activism and wearing this outfit and such, and she had great style, the kind clearly untouched by the evil weave-and-veneers machine that would envelop every artist today should there even be an MTV station that played MTV videos. How sad that our pop stars were once so creative, talented and idiosyncratic. I didn't have a friend in high school who didn't want to look at least a little bit like Cyndi Lauper, and in these lank times, let her provide inspiration to us.


Em said...

Mary! Don't fret too much, I believe there's a new vanguard of Lauperites. I have been super into American Idol this season--I used to be a casual viewer who mostly balked at it--but there are a few idols who actually truly excited me this year, and they've paid proper homage to Cyndi.

My all-time favorite contestant Anoop *sigh*, did a totally pretty R & B cover of True Colors:

Not to mention he's a man who loves barbecue, is mad intellectual, and loves to dress like a hip hop dandy!

And even better, check out Allison Iraheta, who did a duet with Ms. Lauper herself on the Idol finale last night:

She's could actually be a pretty great teenage girl rockstar. I also did a post on her on my blog:

Lil' Meggy said...

I concur, Mary! I have been carrying on a mad love affair with Cyndi since I was in utero. (My mom claims that Girls Just Want To Have Fun was playing on the radio as I was born.) She is the coolest.