Saturday, June 20, 2009

Alexa Chung is Boring

Alexa Chung, a model/TV presenter from England, recently started a show on MTV that is sadly trying to tie in Facebook or something because I guess all of a sudden MTV is remembering it is no longer hip or "with it." Also, the TV show is supposed to look like a "loft party in Williamsburg." Also, Alexa Chung lives in a loft in Williamsburg. In conclusion, someone at MTV really knows what's up to come up with a fresh concept like this, and also I watched her interview with Ryan Reynolds (What is up with him? What is the appeal?) and it was boring and it looked like the set of the Ellen show and also you could have replaced Alexa Chung with Ellen and nobody probably would have noticed. Also, lastly, at least this show could interview be about interviewing bands and playing music videos, because that's usually more entertaining than asking Ryan Reynolds borderline pez questions about muttonchops. Not that I really want to watch a "Bat for Lashes" interview or anything.

But that is neither here nor there. The point is, Alexa Chung is revered for being a fashion icon, because she is tall and thin and attractive in an unassuming way and has that boring, hipstery, lank look so popular right now- you know, a sack tucked into a sack, a navy blazer, some long/tangled necklaces, flats or big chunky shoes, a brown leather bag, straggly hair, neutrals aplenty, a twist of the 90's.

Here she is in some assorted looks. Could that 80's-or-Built-By-Wendy dress on the bottom be any more ill-fitting?

Fascinating! Also, according to some research I did, she dates or dated this guy who looks like he is seven from the Arctic Monkeys. God, it's so depressing what passes for hipness these days! 

PS: Here's a photo of Peaches Geldof (experiencing some Agyness Deyn fallout) and Alexa:

I think I had the denim dress Ms. Chung is wearing in sixth grade. I used to wear it with a pair of silver earrings shaped like teddy bears. Anyway, LANK! Peaches, despite- or perhaps because of- looking like a sci-fi vixen from 1989, wins this round!


Anonymous said...

It's Pixie, not Peaches.

Simone said...

Haha, whoever that anonymous person is totally beat me to telling you that is pixie, not peaches. hilarious.

alexa chung is the boringest. It's like, oh, look, she wears her skirts hitched up real high because she has long skinny legs that I find to be disturbingly thin while the rest of the world gets off on it or something.

Did you see the promo commercials she had on mtv for her show? she was seriously wearing black OVERALLS (and by overalls I mean, like, the kind of oversized overalls everyone used to wear back when that brand "cross colors" was popular. like you'd wear one strap undone, you know?) with a boxy cream and black horizontally striped long sleeved shirt. Straight off the set of the second season of 90210. Very David Silver-esque. All she needed was row of really thin silver hoops up one of her ears.

ALSO she has a really bad voice. that is all.

M said...

yeah, i thought she didn't look like the peaches i knew at the time of posting, but i'm not an expert or anything.

Lizbit said...

I don't know why but...I like? her style. Her outfits remind me of Tommys' style from Notes by Naive, and it's a lot more practical than what your usual hipster fashionista wears.

Em said...

I don't have MTV so I haven't seen her show, but there was a part of me that was hoping it might be cool. I wrote about her two months ago:

Too bad it sucks. Mary, you've helped me make up my ambivalent mind about her.

Haha, cross colours, Simone. They are still around:

Anonymous said...

Alex Chung is the MOST boring person I've ever tried to watch on t.v. She can make any interview BORING.... ughghghhghghghghghghg


I agree, Alexa Chung is boring and needs to be tied to a rocket and shot into space. Along with her other clone drones out there...

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