Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Vintage Summertime Inspiration



1. 1920's dress
2. 40's red bikini
3. 40's plaid bikini
4. 40's sailor shorts
5. 40's day dress
6. 20's wool bathing suit
7. 70's bandanna print platforms
8. 50's crazy harlequin print shorts
9. 30's satin sailor dress

Despite the patriotic significance, red, white and blue is my favorite color combo. It is crisp and bold and really stands out. I want some red sailor shorts, but I can't find any good ones, even at Forever 21! All the shorts there are like baggy, pleated, ultra low-waisted linen short shorts. Or cut offs.


Lizbit said...

though I am not a red/white/blue person (not enough purple), I think red/white/blue is a completely legit color combination, and done very well in the combos you've shown. Think of it as French or British or any other country that was red/white/blue before America was.

Verhext said...

i would like all of these please, especially those 2 pairs of high waisted shorts.