Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Am Sick of Looking at this Bitch

Not that it really matters, but I am sick of looking at the face of Gerard Butler. Everyone keeps talking about how handsome and manly he is, but are they seeing the same face that I am? He looks like he got punched in the face one too many times. I hate how it's fine for male actors to have squashed noses and faces because it looks like they got in lots of sexy, masculine fights, but women can't even have a bump on their nose.

Speaking of squashed faces/being hideously ugly, remember Shane West, who played Darby Crash in that little-seen Germs biopic? Really he should have been in a Sum 41 biopic, as "Dereyk Wibley", ultra-talented lead singer and ex-husband of Avril Lavigne. Shane West is another one people thought was cute in high school, and I was like, "Him? That Shane West?" I think they are seceretly the same person, much like David Cross and Corey Kennedy. Anyway, if Hollywood is calling, I'm ready to answer: yes, I will direct the biopic of the life of Dereyk Whibley.

It's hard to pick which one is more attractive. Or more punk rock!


Alexandra said...

They sort of look like faces on money. Like someone crumpled their heads into balls, and then smoothed them out again.

I think the word is "rawk" now. Is it "rawk" now?

Erin said...

I agree. Kind of like I don't think Vince Vaughn is at all sexy either. I think maybe Jennifer Aniston likes being the pretty one in her supposed relationships. :)

Mary said...

I have a post on Vince Vaughn's ugliness too!

kaitlin said...

I've always thought they were all gross. And if that ever changes and I think they're good looking, well...I guess that'll be the moment when I look back on my life after it spiraled out of control and think, yup, that's where it took an unfortunate turn.

Arabella said...

Ah - the acceptable female nose thing.......back in the late 80s, in a northern city during a sunny weekday afternoon, I asked the English schoolboy who was throwing stones at me in the street (yes, I, a graduate researcher, was being stoned!) why he was doing such a thing. His reply "Your fucking big stupid nose".
Quite incredible, all because of a bump.

Megan Thomas-Melly said...

The only thing worse than Shane West and his stupid performance in What We Do Is Secret is Bijoux Phillips and her stupid perfomance as Lorna Doom in What We Do Is Secret. Most men celebs are totes uggo.