Monday, March 1, 2010

The Fashion Harness

I saw this image on Sea of Shoes:

Here's a woman who really doesn't know why she is wearing a harness. Why is it draped over a wool blazer? Awkward.

A search for harnesses on etsy resulted in:

Then of course there are the harness necklaces stolen/copied by model Erin Wasson from some other harness maker:

Even "designer" Justin Timberlake featured some harnessy looks for "his" "collection", entitled "Urban Oufitters from Two Years Ago."
Loving this look! Sag crotch jeans with a shapeless top made from a hospital dressing gown, all wrapped up in a bunch of belts!

I'm sure I could find more harness photos, but am too lazy. I know why harnesses are popular. It's because everything right now is studded, cage-like, bondage-y and "fierce." And a big part of attaining this edgy look is wearing the same edgy looks everyone else is looking so edgy in. Why are you sitting there, reading this??? There are harnesses to be bought and then strapped into!


Anonymous said...

Isn't that last photo LAMB?

Mary said...

Oh yeah, I guess it is. Good call! That overwrought makeup makes more sense now.

Simone said...

Shhh, they're strapping down Liza Minelli!

Arabella said...

Not so much fierce as "horse and cart". Goodie. Another reason not to shop.

Twistbarbie said...

This is the greatest blog ever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

shoulderache said...

I have no idea who you are, but your blog made me laugh so hard that wine came out my nose.

I am now adding a link to it on my blog. Because people need to read this.