Thursday, May 13, 2010

Inspiration: Striped T-shirts

Look! A normal fashion blog-type post!
I'm always looking for the perfect striped t-shirt- I had a great one from Forevs that perished in the fire, but whenever I try on new ones it always seems like the necklines aren't right or the stripes are weird or something. Striped tees are hot right now, but as you can see they are a classic style.
PS: That last one is my "art." If you want to buy a gay sailors portrait, let me know!!!


Holly said...

You forgot Mo from Dykes to Watch Out For!

Arabella said...

Those diagonals on the Land Girls are great!
My ancient Bretons have worn out and the shirts in regular stores are wrong in the way of most tops these days: too long, too narrow, poorly cut shoulders.
I'm down to one surprisingly brilliant Lands End stripe from 10 years ago.