Thursday, June 10, 2010

Even More Photos From my Personal Internet Folder

I thought it was cool when Venus Williams wore this lacy outfit at some big tennis thing. Everyone called her a whore; it would be one thing if she was posing for Maxim in this outfit with hair extensions (not that that would make her a whore, but as airbrushed jerk-off material, that would be more culturally appropriate), but the fact that she's on the court makes it totally cool and weird! Subverting the dominant paradigm, etc. etc.

Also, I guess I am like a gay man in that I can never really hate Madonna, even though by all accounts she is a horrible person. It seems like we always hate women for being insufferable, but what about Sean Penn? Why don't people hate him?

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houssan said...

Sean Penn was great in Milk, that's reason enough not to hate him.