Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ugly Things I Saw at Bloomingdales

These Micheal Kors shoes were such terrible monstrosities. I don't know how people walk in these things, or why they walk in them. Michael Kors is such a hack. He has his name on zillions of pink windbreakers and other low-quality crap made in China, and he is such a jerk on that terrible show no one watches anymore, Project Runway. So many 'designer' names are totally meaningless, and represent nothing but the fact that the "designer" signed an agreement four years ago. But like celebrity names, I guess they sell a brand, or in this case, hideous shoes.

Believe it or not, this was not in the "Barbara Bush Summers in Nantucket" collection. This was in the young! hip! trendy! section. I know they are going for prep, but no true prep would wear that aborted Snuggie in the middle. Anyway, we are reaching some really frumpy times. I wonder if, next in fashion, we will go back to the mid 80's Mormon look, with boxy skirts hovering around our ankles, wide puffed sleeves and a huge collar- more of a Jessica McClintock/ Laura Ashley look. We're already half way there! More than half way, really.

Edited to add later: enlarge that second photo to see the horrible crotch on the pants!


jesse.anne.o said...

I don't know how they walk in them either. Some people hobble. I usually get stuck behind them on the subway stairs, *clop* *clop*...*clop*! Meanwhile the train doors are closing and you're all, "Is it harassment to hop-frog someone down the subway stairs without their consent?" Hop-frog without consent.

Also, please nooooo on the Ashley/Mormon thing...again. I still can't believe it happened. Period.

Em said...

I always hated Michael Kors on Project Runway. He's useless. He'd say stuff like "That looks like a stack of toilet paper!" And I always thought, well, that doesn't really say why the look is bad. But those shoes are just bad, bad, bad.

And I don't get why that late 80s/early 90s wasp crap is so popular now. It just looks so lazy. They're ripping off a frumpy style, but frumping it up a notch.

Mary said...

I guess I can't really imagine the total 80's frump look coming back, because people are so wedded to looking like slores. But maybe they'll find a way to slore up Laura Ashley (besides shortening the dresses to crotch-length.)

Yeah, I think Micheal Kors on Project Runway is always thinking to himself before he has to judge something, "Quick, think of a one-liner!" Though I do hate him less than Heidi Klum.