Monday, June 28, 2010

The Lost Art of Hanging Out

Sorry dudes, but now this blog is just called "Photos of 70's Teenagers."


danielle said...

fuck, i love these posts. where do you find the pictures, flickr? or other random places?

luv the wallpaper in the 3rd pic. and the teeshirtssss

the internet killed hanging out...wish i had a cool posse in the 70s/was not a part of gen y

Arabella said...

OK by me. Picture 6 is dreamy.
I think hanging out was more enjoyable in the U.S. No porches, dens or stoops in England so the hanging was generally on street corners or in the municipal park in wind and horizontal rain. Not T shirt-friendly.

Mary said...

Yeah, all these photos are from flickr, mostly people posting photos of their youth. i am obsessed with finding all of them!

english 70's teenagerhood is definitely thought of as less freewheeling- but what about "brickfield nights" by the boys?

Anonymous said...


i love all of these! and re: the boys/brickfield nights... i put that on your mix, right? god. that song is so killer!

here's a cache of photos i know you're sure to love:!/group.php?gid=125229304166491&ref=nf

it's for a reunion that's going to happen in october... 40th anniversary of the South St. pioneers. basically a bunch of hippies and weirdos. going to be a good time. they've been uploading old photos of South St. back in the day. truly glorious!