Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sable Starr: Queen of the Pussies

Here are some photos of 70's groupie teen Sable Starr. Famous groupies tend to be the coolest, most popular, most aggressive, and most charismatic girl in the room, so it's always kind of a downer reading their stories- had they been guys, they probably would have been rock stars themselves.

Sable was like 14 when she dated/slept with all these dudes, which seems like it flew a bit more in the 70's. Not that I'm condoning it, man. These pubescent groupies would hit the scene in halter tops, daisy dukes, boas, and mile high platforms.

In her memoir, I'm With the Band, fellow famous groupie Pamela Des Barres trashes Sable and her ilk; I guess the baby groupies were mean to her and called her an "old bag" in front of the Whiskey or something which she took personally even though she was only 23 herself. To quoth Bebe Buell, "Who does Pamela think she is? Queen of the pussies?"

Anyway, she had the 70s trash look down, that's for sure.


Simone said...

I actually think Iggy Pop is queen of the pussies, based entirely on the bottom picture.

Mary said...

His waist is smaller than hers!