Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ugly AA: We are Still "Inspired" by the 90's Because There's Nothing Else Left

Great, an Andy Kaufman shirt with the huge, hideous face of Andy Kaufman on it. You'd think we'd have gotten over our short-lived fascination with this guy after that Jim Carrey movie came out, but he is probably one of Dov Charney's personal heroes or something. I hope this goes on sale.

The look du jour. Flimsy fabric, tent-like volume, huge armholes.

This look is so nasty. This is the kind of dress pregnant Christian teens in Lifetime movies wore in the year 1996, with gelled poofy straight bangs in front and a perm in back. This and the next look from their vintage collection!
The 90's was the lumpiest, most colorless decade of them all. And now they are back with a shapeless, murky-colored vengeance! From floppy denim shirts all bunched along the sleeves to prints featuring your finest tans, blacks, and grays.

"What's going on? Why am I wearing this?" I've already posted this shirt before, but this one has cut-out sleeves. Also, do these ladies need some mousse or what???

So, as we all know, American Apparel is like, for gay rights and workers rights and stuff, but they do hate women (why else would they start a sheer poly maxi skirt trend?) in classic patriarchal fashion. This is your typical ad.

BUT! These are their male models???

And this? A brown turtleneck tucked into baggy-crotched, huge pair of khakis? On this guy?! Talk about a double standard. Where are the bashful, vaguely "ethnic" hunks with their dicks showing through their sheer underwear?

How very reassuring for the male American Apparel shoppers.


Anonymous said...

AA have really outdone themselves this time. It's so hard to know which is fuglier, that hideous t-shirt or the cutaway blouse.

Simone said...

What that cutaway blouse needs is a large silver and turquoise belt, and a pair of ladies decorative cowboys boots. oh, and a large-rimmed cowboy hat, also for a lady.

Also, dammnnnn those dudes are so fugly!

Em said...

I showed the turtlenecked guy to my boyfriend and asked him to guess where the picture comes from. He guessed "American Apparel: The Uncle Leo Collection."

Mary said...

I think we should do a special collection for Opening Ceremony based on the tapered jeans and chunky sneakers of Jerry and turtlenecks of Uncle Leo, and also all Jerry's girlfriends who are wearing giant blazes.

Ruby Vixen said...

I think your blog is one of my new favorite things. I know, not really on topic, but thank you for making me laugh today. Beautiful vintage pieces too! :-) - Ruby

Flower said...

I love your slightly sarcastic writing style, and you always give an intresting, unsual veiwpoint on fashion.
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Anonymous said...

Photo of inspiration....

Mary said...

those photos are awesome