Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hangin' Around in my Huge T-Shirt

The look on the right is from a designer called Vanessa da Silva, who I guess is some sort of illustrator and designer. First of all, aside from being part of the horrible sack/80's trend I have been criticizing very harshly in this blog, this look also features the trend of artists collaborating with designers by sticking their artwork on t-shirts. Granted, this is a bit more than a t-shirt, but a lot of the stuff really is just designs printed on beefy tee's for $130. I resent this, because it lacks innovation in terms of style- anyone can print a design on a t-shirt- it doesn't make you a designer.

Personally, I find these illustrations to be an ugly mishmash of pop-art and the current wacky collage style favored by hipsters (and boy do these models look like hipsters) but I guess some of them might look alright on the right piece- the dress and cape on the last link are kind of okay.

Anyway, this outfit is totally nauseating. It makes me feel gross just looking at it- but imagine, say, wearing this look on the bus or on a park bench? Doesn't it look like the huge, gaping sleeves would soak up all dirt and grime you encountered? It reminds me seeing kids wear t-shirts in public swimming pools, and, to be honest, the whole pose has a bit of the raving drug addict about it.

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Gaby + Simone said...

it's like, not only is she wearing a sack, which makes me want to punch her, but the graphic on it is horrendous, which also makes me want to punch here. It's a real one-two punch, one might say.