Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Originally "Zoo Story" but I Decided That was too Pretentious

Animal-themed prints and designs have been trendy for quite some time now. First, horses and tigers rose to popularity as part of that Chloe airbrushed 70's revival thing which I can't find any picture of, but it involved those pastel-tinted aviator sunglasses with the rhinestone hearts. At that time, maybe around 1999, you couldn't turn around an H&M or whatever without encountering a t-shirt with a rhinestone studded tiger or vaguely retro horse print.

Then came the other animals. Bunnies enjoyed a brief revival, followed by deer (which are still pretty trendy.) Birds, however, particularly bluebirds and owls, have been holding strong lately. And the problem with these animal prints is that, though they are usually endearingly quirky and charming looking (like on this tank), once everybody has them and they are stuck on this hideous t-shirt from Forever 21, they're just another slapped-together trend. Or, in the case of the Delia's short sleeve hoodie at the top left, just a tad overdone. (Plus, short sleeve hoodies- could they make any less sense?)

What will be next, though? Cephalopods have steadily been gaining steam, and I certainly wouldn't mind donning some octopus-themed attire. At the same time, I will inevitably get sick of people who don't even really like squids wearing a squid related outfit, and bemoan the ugly interpretations of the look. It's a mixed bag for sure. My friends and I have discussed the possibility of the mule being the next! hot! animal! (Or at least pushing them upon an unquestioning public.) They have all the heartiness of the horse, with the wit of a donkey, and they're sterile, which is kind of punk rock. We'll see.


Gaby + Simone said...

Sigh. No one will ever understand the noble cephalopod as we do, mary.

Anonymous said...

Very nice love the hoody and any kind of retro or vintage sunglasses!