Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sacks for the Lower Half

Shorts began a reign of terror about two years ago, overtaking skirts and pants as the hottest below-waist look, and followed, hot on the heels, by the legging. All of a sudden people were wearing shiny shorts to formal events, or, worse, wearing baggy, pleated bermudas with a pair of tights and high heels. Currently, "bermuda" is used to describe the more fitted (and infinitely more flattering) pedal-pusher-esque short, like this one, but to me, bermudas tend to evoke a heavy, pleated, knee-length, and extremely roomy pair of shorts- the kind ugly American tourists wearing Hawaiian shirts tend to wear and make you ashamed of your country.

Shorts seem to have cooled as a major trend, and for this I am mostly thankful, even though I did purchase a pair of (non-pleated, non- baggy) red sailor-style shorts during the craze. However, we still have offerings like these Marc by Marc Jacobs Brushed Wool Shorts, on sale for $114, down from $228. (What, nobody bought? Did they miss the even more horrifying back view???) These awful shorts are wool, which is a puzzling fabric for the short, and I have thought so ever since I received a pair of bright red wool plaid shorts (with matching red chenille sweater!) for Hanukkah when I was like nine and could never quite figure out how to wear them. These shorts are so huge they resemble a kind of twisted skirt/diaper hybrid, and have what Marge Simpson might call a "balloon seat." Additionally, pairing them with sheer black tights and combat-y boots give the whole look an unsettling utilikilt vibe. (In case you are wondering what that website sells, it's freedom.) These shorts are perfect if you are craving that large and saggy look, and adding the whole Goth/SS touch just makes them that more of the moment.

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