Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ugly UO Item of the Day: I Will Call Her "Xanadu"

I've never been a fan of asymmetry in clothing- it generally tries to be avant-garde, and then ends up looking sloppy, much like its cousin, the raw edge hem. Anyway, the point is, look at this horrible monstrosity.

This Lux One Shoulder Knit Dress is a total floppy, shapeless mess. It has way too much going on: one puffy sleeve, a tie belt, an oversized asymmetrical ruffle at the asymmetrical hem, and a color that Urban Outfitters describes as "Fuschia." (But let's be honest, it's more of an "Electric Xanadu Roller Skatin' Fuschia" if anything.)

It's really trashy and 80's looking, but you can tell they're trying to market it like it has some sort of subtle elegance. I mean, I guess. They're certainly not adding the gold Candies and wild frosted perm that we all know should be paired with this number. You know the model has some slouch boots on under there.

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