Thursday, August 7, 2008

Choose Your Own Adventure

So sometimes I dream up post topics that I do not manage to write posts about. Below are some post ideas I have thought about putting into action, some of which while high. Since I seem to be having trouble getting these off the ground, I would like my reader(s) to vote! You can pick as many as you want! Which of these varied topics would YOU be interested in hearing more about? Please take the time to vote, valued readers! Conversely, if there is a topic you would like me to cover not mentioned in this totally complete list, let me know of that too.

1. Homophobia and Sexism in MTV's Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew

2. The Jonas Brothers Vs. The Bay City Rollers

3. Space Funk: A Fashion Movement

4. Fashion Blogs: Why are 90% of Them Exactly the Same/Mention Teen Vogue Far Too Much?

5. Mary's (Mostly YA) Book Review Korner

6. Mary's Zombie Movie Review Korner

7. Freaks and Geeks: Best Show Ever?/Why I Hate Judd Apatow and Everything He Stands For and I Also Hate Seth Rogan Who Does Not Deserve to be Famous

8. Project Runway, Bravo's Commodification of the Gays, Why Tim Gunn has Sold Out, More on Why I Hate All the Judges, and the Proliferation of Neon-Obsessed Hipsters on Season 5


Anonymous said...

I vote for a post on America's Best Dance Crew/a general discussion of homosexual representation on television. It's only okay if they're Bitchy Queen Stereotypes.

Also, I always love reading about YA fiction.

Fuck You Shane Sparks!!!!!


Liina said...

#5, #7, and #2 simply because I am grossly uneducated on this topic. But if I had to pick just ONE, it would be #7...I really would like to read your thoughts on this issue.

That said, I'd love to see you tear into topic #4 as well.

Liina said...

ps. this is totally my favorite blog EVER and I mean it.

jenn said...

Top choices are #1, #3, and #4. Being a new reader of your blog I must say I would love to read anything you have to say about any of these topics. I really enjoy your fashion critics though, very entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Apatow! Finish him! Finish him!!!!!!

Simone said...

all of them, duh. what else do you have to do but work at retrospect and, like, drink beer or whatever?

i agree with dane about shane sparks. he is a misogynist, and also he says "y'all" wayyyy too much. i love li'l mama! and when missy elliot was on, she was awesome. i love you, missy! i'm glad you have short hair again! and were wearing a track suit like the proper bull dyke you are!

seriously, though, all of those topics are great. so you should do all of them.

Simone said...

PS I've got the jonas brothers covered, i think i could write like a billion blog posts about how gay they are. they are pretty. damn. gay.

Simone said...

ALSO yes tim gunn is such a huge major sellout! in the latest issue of people he gives tips about how to wear a romper! seriously!