Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oversized Flannel + Radiohead= :(

Here's Mary Kate at a Radiohead concert. Ew. Don't you ever feel like you are intimidated by hipsters sometimes because you have this idea that they have really advanced taste in music but then it turns out they just want to listen to whatever was popular when they were 14 because it's retro now? Not that I'm intimidated by Mary Kate. Even I could probably knock her down.

Anyway, what the hell is up with this outfit. This is a large man's shirt with either something very short or nothing underneath, and a peace pin. I don't need to say why this is bad. It's obvious from the way it looks. But I will say that I'm sick of seeing people carry around heavy leather bags with summery outfits. (Not that this outfit is summery, exactly, but I assume if you're pantsless it's probably hot out.) It looks totally inappropriate. Claudia Kishi, who wore many a man's shirt as a dress/tunic, would have at least paired it with a homemade tote bag decorated with single pierced earrings and glitter glue.

PS: On second thought, I can see some tattered strings hanging from her crotch area, indicating she is wearing cutoffs. I should have assumed that's what was underneath, because anytime someone looks like they're wearing a shirt as a dress it turns out there are some crotch-length cut-offs underneath. You know, to keep things classy.


Lou said...

her outfit is ridiculous. i can't believe she's considered a ~style icon~.

love your blog by the way, been lurking for a long time lol

Anonymous said...

i believe those are the strings of many tampons. oh, wait. i'm sure she's too anorexic to menstruate.
love, simone

teach people not books said...

i think the whole grunge redux is insulting to the whole idea of grunge part one, and the whole idea isn't much to insult, not that i'm not an original fan of a couple grunge-ish bands. oh and there's no way she was even 14 because i think i was around 14 when ok computer came out, and i know she's younger than me so it was probably more like 10. kurt cobain must be turning in his grave.

i'm so over the i'm an olsen twin and a tortured soul bit. you just can't have it both ways when you were michelle on full house and went on to have tween accessories and makeup lines.

M said...

no way man, the olsens are totally dark! did you hear about how they recently released this like $65 coffee table book called, like, "inspiration" with their faces on the cover? maybe i should do a post about that.

yeah, i know mary kate wasn't even fourteen during radiohead's peak. i am practically giving her the benefit of the doubt. actually, i remember reading she liked the dave matthews band a couple years ago so i guess she's kind of advancing herself musically.

since i was never into grunge and don't feel it was really that great (except wearing floral dresses with combat boots...wow, maybe i was kind of into grunge) i also can't quite feel insulted by the grunge revival of late. i feel like this grunge revival is too river pheonix-focused and is not even focusing on the good aspects of the genre. like, people are probably going to revive backwords baseball hats with long hair soon.

dear simone, mary kate is also probably doing too much blow to menstruate.

thank you for reading my blog!

Anonymous said...

hey! thurston moore totally rocked the long hair backwards hat look.


Anonymous said...

what happened to the ya book review korner post?

Lois said...

Bowling bags shouldn't be used as purses.

Oh, that's NOT a bowling bag? Sorry, my mistake. Sure looks like one--or maybe an overnight bag that you'd carry on a plane in case your luggage gets lost.

FAPORT International said...

I like her bag, but her outfit is not so good..

Anonymous said...

Do you have any posts about (stomach grumble) Audrey Kitching?

I thought I'd ask before I search through posts in the 3-digits. Maybe there is some way I can search? I'm dying to hear your quips on this woman...who is not terrible, and yet still completely unbearable.

Anonymous said...

Also...I miss THESE Olsens. The ones who did theme movies so they could wear theme clothes.

Mary said...

i don't know who audrey kitching is- but i just googled her and she looks like the barbie version of how i wanted to look when i was 14. what is she? suicide girl? rock of love contestant?