Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thing That is Nice

Sorry to interrupt from my regular posting, but I felt the need to post this surprisingly awesome video MTV took of Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls, a non-profit camp that I volunteer at. Everyone was a little wary of MTV coming and fucking shit up, but they actually failed to put any major MTV-ish spin on it. I do find it ironic that the "VJ" who is introducing it is ex Top Model contestant Kim Stolz, who used to look a lot better when she was a hipster lesbian but totally sold out and grew out her hair and started wearing dresses for MTV. They totally un-rock camped her, really. Anyway, enjoy!

PS: MTV sucks.
And after:

Way to turn a cute dyke into a Russian ho who went to my high school. (No offense to Russian hos.)

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Simone said...

i just watched that video, like, 3 times. the corrections! they were so good! broken media! holy shit. anyway, i look forward to all the fabulousness the girls come up with next week. I was also shocked that the article they wrote wasn't totally awful also. but yeah, way to ruin a perfectly good soft butch! rip old kim.