Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cute Dress/Britney Spears

Dear Readers,
Here is another installment of "Things I Lost on eBay." Anyway, this mid-late 30's day dress is the fucking cutest thing I have ever seen in my life. Ohmygod, it's so cute, but it went for $84. Not that it isn't worth it. I bought another real cute one from the same seller though, so I shouldn't be too sad. Even though I can't afford it. Sometimes I dream I am Eva Longoria and I can just buy every early 40's/late 30's dress available.

I also didn't win this one, which is totally cute:

In other news, I'm pretty excited to watch "Britney: For the Record" right now. Lately I've been thinking a lot about her decline and fall, and honestly it would kind of suck if she just went back to being sunny, shallow Britney the star when, let's be honest, it was pretty awesome when she shaved her head and tried to attack the papparazzi with an umbrella. I feel it's an appropriate reaction to being involved with Star Search at a young age. Now she's trying to act all normal and stuff. I think she's in denial!


Simone said...

Dude, wasn't the britney documentary the thing you've been waiting to watch, like, your whole life? did a drag queen produce it? when is peaches going to start showing it as a double feature at midnight mass? when can we make a full length parody of it that will just be you wearing a wig saying what britney says verbatim? omg, it was amazing.

Simone said...

ps those dresses are so fucking cute i want to die.

Simone said...

also, i meant to say, "as a double feature with 'truth or dare' at midnight mass."

M said...

i know! it was great! so "cinema verite!" is it wrong that i love britney now? i hope she's famous forever!