Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I Liked It: Street Style Photos

Nobody ever seems to want to promote my blog or put it on their "blogroll" (thanks if you have!), despite the fact, that, according to Google analytics, a decent amount of people read it, (even if a small percentage were drawn in by the Google search "crotch bulges,") and here are some reasons probably why: 1. I am too critical 2. My blog does not actually "count" as a fashion blog 3. I don't make friends/endorse other bloggers, who, in turn, promote my blog.

Not that I'm upset or anything! Obviously I have some disdain for the typical fashion blog, but by no means do I think they're all bad or don't like reading them in general. But I do think it's funny that I never get as many responses on my positive posts as I do on my negative ones. Anyway, here are some outfits posted on other blogs I like:

These are both from Hel Looks. I like the girl on the top because she's wearing well-placed pops of my favorite color, red. She is also wearing plaid, which is another thing I love, but only if it's a good red-centered plaid, not that faded gray shit that's on your supercool flannel shirt.
The second lady has on a fabulous, well-constructed 1960's coat. Oh, they had designers then! Everyone these days has a 60's militaryish winter coat, but real 60's coats have such a great construction- just look at the wide collar, flat front created by the rows of buttons, and overall strong shoulders and sillouhette.

These are both from SF Fashionist, the street style blog that I was on once in a brief moment of glory. Anyway, besides the fact that neither of these ladies are typical subjects, they have some really good colors going on. I love the neat, pert little vintage shape of the woman's hat and her neat little suit, and I find the girl's super-colorful long dress and hair very inspiring, I guess because as a kid I always wanted to wear lots of poofy skirts and I still sort of do, in part because it's an entertaining, dramatic way of dressing. It pains me to see children dressed like little adults, whether whored up in mini Juicy Couture or with a baby mohawk, so it's doubly charming when kids are dressed like fairy tale people, because we don't get to do it much later in life, you know? And it's equally charming to see older people dressed elegantly and well-put-together, because young people dress like such slobs these days and whanot.


Jessica said...

I like your critical blog for its meanness! It's one of the favorites on my Google Reader.

audra said...

i LOVE your blog. loves. i credit gaycondo for the recommendation...you're absolutely brilliant. and hilarious.
if you'd like, see our blog at arttochokeon.wordpress.com/ & tell me what you think! your opinion would be highly appreciated...!

M said...

hi and thank you! i guess my problem is that i secretly want to have a regular fashion blog because all i do is think about my outfits.

audra, i will definitely check out your blog.