Thursday, December 11, 2008

Inspiration: Victorian Children's Clothing

I hate when people diss old things for not being "up-to-the-minute" enough. So many people are obsessed with modernism that they can't see past the fact that everything they think is modern right now will look twice as dated when it is out of style in ten years (if we are ever tired of seeing things shaped like white cubes, that is), just like everyone who threw out all their old stuff to turn their house into a track-lit 80's box probably wish they hadn't now. It kills me that people are still ripping down old buildings to build glass-fronted rectangles with white particle-board walls. I think all these pieces, designed for children many years ago, look fresher, more interesting and more avant-garde than what is usually sent down the runways. Well-designed things stand the test of time. Mark my words!


kenny said...

How lovely shoes!

M said...

the last ones are particularly insane.