Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mary's Musings: News & Politics

This is from the surprisingly grimly serious yahoomail news system, where I am embarrassed to say I get a certain amount of world news from, except that I think it is a lot better, than, say CNN, which I watched during the elections and Anderson Cooper had a conversation with a hologram of "Will.I.Am." from the Black-Eyed Peas. Seriously! A hologram! It was a holographic interview! I guess they have ten-year-olds from 1986 running CNN. Though I would have preferred a Fergie hologram, given the choice.

Defiant Hamas hits Israel with dozens of rockets (AP)

AP - Palestinian militants sent a deadly barrage of missiles flying deep into Israel on Monday, demonstrating that Hamas still had firepower three days into Israel's punishing air offensive in Gaza.

-Israeli airstrikes kill dozens of Gaza civilians (AP)
-Police: 7 bodies recovered in Canada avalanches (AP) Analysis: Israel keeps objectives vague
-Taliban burning, beheading its way through Pakistani valley (AP)
-Australians angry over bid to ban topless sunbathing (Reuters)

All this news is pretty awful and scary, aside from the last one, which is like a punchline to a Weekend Update skit. Still, kind of funny! I've always thought of Australia as a slightly more interesting parallel to America- a British founded-colonialist country where everyone thinks they're so tough because they threw off their colonizers- except that everyone was white and basically from the same country with the same amount of money and had just trampled allover the natives anyway so whatever. Perhaps the next headline should read America Panicking Because Babies R Us Sales Down.

Toys R Us was always a fucked up store, but Babies R Us? That is even more fucked up! Is it a baby superstore or what?

Actually, according to this photo, it actually is a baby superstore:

But at least they don't sell baby tramp stamps, like their brother store. (The Website with this post is kind of amazing and also features this calender! And this amazing photo! Rupaul as the Obamas! Does anyone else feel that RuPaul has really kept it real over the years? I'm glad RuPaul is a celebrity. I always thought she was sooo beautiful as a kid.)

France doesn't look like it's got too many troubles either! Though there are charges of an "unscrupulous dandy!" in their big news story! Oooh la la! Not to mention a mystery about the heirs to a makeup fortune!

PPS: Sorry the text is so fucked up in this post. I don't know what's going on.

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Can't read the entire post, but loving the picture of RuPaul!