Monday, October 26, 2009

I Don't Have a "Rants" Category...

What a troll!!!!

Not that I really need to weigh in on this, but I hate every celebrity who signed the "Free Roman Polanksi" petition. (Not that I needed another reason to hate Natalie Portman, who I just really, really hate.) Besides the fact they are defending him for raping a child- who was subsequently put on trial and subjected to having the media grill her and call her a whore and blame her for ruining this dude's career- an eighth grader- it's just such a gross example of how rich, powerful people are treated differently within our justice system. Who are they to forgive him? The celebrities would never be defending some everyday child rapist who never had many of the opportunities Polanksi did, but the completely unrelated fact that he made some (really not that great- seriously, Chinatown is so boring- but with a lot of sexxxy rape/incest, like all his movies) movies is supposed to excuse him.

Here is a quote from the article:
The European media wanted to develop this too. They went to Samantha's school and house, talked to her friends, trying to learn more about the girl whose allegations threatened to bring down a veritable cult figure in Europe, where Polanski was not-so-secretly dating a 15-year-old girl, Nastassja Kinski, with no public outcry, no arrest. Samantha was cast as the temptress.

Oh, right- he fled to Europe to date fifteen-year-old Nastassja Kinski, who was also famously raped by her actor father as a young girl!

The defense sited the:
physical maturity and willingness and provocativeness of victim, and the lack of coercion by defendant and his solicitude concerning pregnancy.

The physical maturity! Him being concerned he would knock her up, (which was so clearly for her benefit?) So horrifying!

From his autobiography:
"We dried ourselves and each other. She said she was feeling better. Then, very gently, I began to kiss and caress her. After this had gone on for some time, I led her over to the couch. There was no doubt about the girl's experience and lack of inhibition."
Polanski said he was surprised to learn later that Samantha had lied about having asthma. "Why she did so baffles me to this day."

As for her famous speech of forgiveness:

Geimer repeated what she told the grand jury, saying she was crying and begging him to stop, but added that he "wasn't forceful or mean or anything like that." "It wasn't rape," she said.

Wow, what a surprise that this woman, who was clearly so villified for daring to incriminate someone famous at an incredibly young age, and has had to face a zillion powerful celebrities defending her rapist and defiantly clapping for him at The Oscars, eventually tried to downplay the whole thing. Especially in a culture where so many rapes go unreported and when the charges are against someone famous, the female accuser always seems to end up going through more shit than the man (see Bryant, Kobe or Kelly, R., or even Brown, Chris even though it wasn't rape) who, more often than not, escape totally unscathed! God, these people are such sleazebags! How dare Hollywood use their should-be-meaningless influence to take a stand on this. How dare they sign this in the first place as a an acknowledgment that their signatures are worth more than anyone else's. How dare these stupid botoxed assholes have such influence and can throw their weight around to protect one of their own!

I love how David Lynch and Woody Allen and even Martin Scorsese- you know how directors love to blur the line between rape, sex and art- not that I totally hate David Lynch, but he totally does- signed it too. Oh man, the whole thing enrages me so much. That is all.


Simone said...

I really don't get why so many people signed that petition. Just because someone makes movies ("ART") doesn't make them above the law... not to mention above HUMAN DECENCY. Also, Dear Natalie Portman: Internalized Patriarchy much? In conclusion, Roman Polanski is a dick and should be forced to give all of his millions of dollars to a sexual abuse treatment/therapy center.

Gaby said...

I never thought I would be running around quoting Kirstie Alley, but did you see her Twitter where she was like "His ART didn't rape her" ? Brilliant.

Ruthie said...

It is so refreshing to hear someone who thinks the same way. Ever since I read the court transcripts on The Smoking Gun, I was like, what a creeper.

Lizbit said...

grah! I could have lived well not knowing Woody Allen actually is in defense of this person.I already can't watch his films without my logical voice screaming "pedo!" in the back of my mind.I wish it was easy to say these peoples' works were crap anyway, but the elitist in me can't.

There are some really horrible people in the world. Some of these people direct movies.Sometimes the movies are good, and makes people veeery uncomfortable with their ethics.

Ms. X said...

I'm linking to this on my blog to save myself the trouble of writing nearly the exact same rant.